‘Crafting Excellence in Prosecco in a XVII Century Venetian Villa’

Villa Giustiniani - Recanati has its vineyards in the heart of the spectacular Montello hills, in the DOCG production zone of Colli Asolani.  The wines are characterized by a signature minerality that reflects the deep, stony, glacial-era morainic subsoils typical of the area.  Vineyards enjoy a prevalent southwestern exposure, and are ideally situated on a hillside near the Treviso plain where it is crossed by the Piave River.  Grapes are raised using the Sylvoz system and are harvested in late September. The Beato Gerardo estate produces its prosecco for the ‘Villa Giustiniani’ label. (Total property: 35 hectares, 21 under vine)


Villa Giustiniani-Recanati is located in Spresiano, at the center of the Treviso plain.  continue Here the plain is crossed by the Piave River, which widens after Nervesa della Battaglia to run through the fertile countryside.  Asolo one of the three DOCG areas of prosecco Veneto.  It is known for its iron-rich red soil, which contributes remarkable minerality and greater longevity to the sparkling wine.


Having once belonged to the Dauphin, Villa Giustiniani-Recanati was built toward the end of the XVI century and reflects the era with its simple, elegant lines. .. continue It is beautifully situated within a vast park, part of which has been restored as a tourist destination.  Here art and nature coexist, with a beautiful chapel, the grotto and the small lake.  The compound recalls the elegance of the century, and is a charming area very reminiscent of ancient Spresiano.


Vineyards are located at both Giavera del Montello and Nervesa della Battaglia.  The spectacular Montello hills are a UNESCO Heritage site, and its grapes create some of the highest quality Prosecco DOCG wines in Italy. Total property are 20 hectares, 11 of this are dedicated to the Glera vines, a grape used to produce the sparkling Prosecco DOCG Colli Asolani.


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